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Due to hackers we apologise for having to remove the polls. We will reinstate a new poll system when The Thorns next tour.

End Date Poll Question Result
15 Jul 03 The Thorns remind me of? Crosby, Stills & Nash (67%)
04 Jul 03 Which related band is your favorite? The Jayhawks (60%)
24 Jun 03 Who is your favorite? Matthew Sweet (33%)
14 Jun 03 Which is your favorite track? I can't remember (35%) Polls do not need to directly relate to The Thorns music or The Thorns website but can be any subject that is of interest to the fans of The Thorns. Please feel free to suggest new polls in the forums and also comment on past poll results. The polls results are only a sample of our visitors and may not be an accurate reflection of the whole world's opinion.


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