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Welcome to The Thorns Independent Fan Site


Welcome to the The Thorns most popular fan site. Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins and Pete Droge"s new band The Thorns have taken America by storm, the worldwide following is growing rapidly too. The new album has been critically acclaimed by many music pundits, and compared in reviews very favorably with the likes of The Eagles, The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Whilst others have said the band will be bigger than Fleetwood Mac or Simon & Garfunkel! But who are we to judge, listen to the tracks (in the songs page) and decide for yourself. The Thorns new album was released on the 20 May 2003. U.S. customers can order it at a special price by clicking here.

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Listen to samples of all The Thorns songs, vote in the weekly polls and meet other The Thorns fans. Discover the band"s history in the bios section and find out the latest breaking news. Why not pop in to the forums and say hello to like minded people from around the world. Go to the Links page to find all the info on the official pages for the venues. The tour pages lists all the shows prices and where to buy concert tickets.

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