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About The Thorns Independent Fan Club


The Thorns Independent Fan Club (fan site) is run by fans of The Thorns for the fans. Although we are independent from both Sony and the band we are in regular contact with the band's management - and we thank them for their assistance in the provision of information. The Thorns website (offical Sony) is here.

Everyone who works on this site is a volunteer. If you wish to help out then please email: We always welcome news items and new links, please see those pages for details. If you would like to help distributing leaflets to local record shops or other appropriate places in your area then please visit the forums and let us know.

We do not encourage piracy and hope that everyone will acknowledge the hard work that The Thorns and their team have put in to the album, please go to our shop and buy the CD there.

Questions and answers: One of the best places to get your questions answered is in our free public forums

Copyright: We acknowledge all original works as copyright their copyright holders. If you hold the copyright to any image or item on this site and decide that you would like it removed then please contact us.

Forum usage: As the site is accessible to all we have strict rules on language within the forums, please be polite and courteous to all forum users. Please note we are happy for people to post negative things about The Thorns in the forums (free speech etc.) but just do it politely. When posting pictures in the forums please ensure that they are suitable for the topic and that where possible you have gained permission from the copyright holder.


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