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Who are The Thorns? (Biography)

Matthew Sweet: Born Oct-06-64 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Matthew's third album 'Girlfriend' (1991) was a great success, prior to that he had worked with various groups and bands including the Golden Palominos and in the early 80's with Buzz of Delight. Matthew Sweet has an extremely loyal following, is influenced by a range of music and has a love of Japanese culture/art. You may be surprised to know that Matthew has been involved in song writing for boy band Hanson and produced the soundtrack for the Austin Power's movie 'Goldmember'. See The Thorns shop for recommended Matthew Sweet albums.
Shawn Mullins: Born Mar-08-68, Atlanta. Georgia, USA. Shawn hit the limelight in 1998 with his massive commerical breakthrough 'Lullaby'. Not only did this enter the Billboard Top 100 chart but also reached the Top 10 in both the US and UK markets. In 1989 whilst serving with the US airborne infantry he released his first album on cassette. One of Shawn's hallmarks has been the use of spoken word passages within songs (particularly on the live discs, Jeff's Last Dance Vols. 1 and 2). Fans of TV series Dawson's Creek may already be familiar with his some of his work, 'Shimmer' became an international hit. Previously Shawn has played upto 200 gigs a year to a small but very dedicated following. Find recommended Shawn albums in The Thorns shop.
Pete Droge: Born Mar-11-69, Portland, Oregon, USA. Pete's career started in Seattle. He opened for artists such as Tom Petty and Melissa Etheridge. He released his debut album 'Necktie Second' in May 1994, and went on a a grueling 18 month tour of America, Canada and Europe - which earned Pete scores of loyal fans and respect from his peers and critics. Pete's hit 'If you don't love me (I'll kill myself)' became a huge hit and featured in Jim Carey's film 'Dumb and Dumber'. As well as writing, playing and singing Pete is a very talented producer. In 2001 he produced Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gosssard's solo debut 'Bayleaf'. Pete has also featured in the movies with a role in Cameron Crowe's 'Almost Famous', where he plays a musician and sings 'Small Time Blues' in the 70's party hotel The Hyatt on Sunset. For CD recommendations please see The Thorns shop.

When three established master song writers come together you're going to have an explosion. Often this would be an explosion of tempers and egos, but The Thorns are a humble and down-to-earth bunch and in early 2002 they set about experimenting with their voices, guitars and lyrics (written on scraps of paper). The results have been phenomenal a triumphant blend of three voices in perfect harmony - whether they like it or not they are the new supergroup.

So why are they called The Thorns? There are two versions to this: 1) They are keen gardeners and wanted something about flowers, or 2) They had written a song called 'Thorns' and when they bumped into The Rolling Stones a slight mishap in communication ended up with The Stone's believing the band was called The Thorns - and it just stuck!

They signed to Aware Records in August 02 and haven't look back. They are fantastic live, as they relax with the crowd and enjoy themselves. After the show The Thorns are happy to spend time with the fans - take your paper and pens for signing sessions.


Whilst reasonable care is taken in the preparation of this material please do check any facts directly with The Thorns management before publishing - we are an independent fan site and do not officially represent The Thorns. For press purposes futher information can be obtained via their record company.


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